Telling stories through authentically Indian food prepared, frozen, and delivered with love.

I am Sumith. A professional chef, food photographer, food stylist, and blogger. And I love to share the serene experience of masterfully mixing flavours, colours, and textures of the influential Indian cuisine.

25 years and counting.

My journey with food began when I started working for top hotels in Mumbai, India. This led me to cook for an international cruise line, experience a variety of cultures, and hear different stories.  I moved to the UK, and in the past 18 years, I worked as a chef for top hotels in Manchester. This further elevated my skills in cooking, allowing me to run my restaurant.

What we do:

We are on a mission to help people who are rushed by life. Those who have very little time to enjoy an unhurried dining experience. So I made it my mission to make authentic, hand-prepared, and all-natural Indian food accessible to these people.

Yes, all-natural! We only use fresh ingredients to prepare the food we deliver. Our target market may be people who prefer quick and easy, but we are here to charm you with delicious and healthy food delivered when you need them.

We aim to knock the socks off your local takeaways.

How we do it:

KeralasLive values the idea that you are what you eat. So we made it possible for people to get access to healthy and delicious food, delivered when you need them. Imagine the myriad of benefits you will get from eating healthy.

  • More energy to do what you love.
  • More time to spend with people who matter.
  • Zero pots and pans to clean.
  • A more positive mood throughout the day.

Do we deliver food in bulk? Yes! We understand you want food you can quickly get from the fridge and into the microwave in seconds. And that is what we are here to do, but with a little twist.

We know you already have so much on your plate, but allow us to add more… in a delicious and positive kind of way. 

Browse our menu and find the next delicious meal you will enjoy on the go.